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Originally Posted by fth001 View Post
No offense guys, but have any of you who called these coils crap can actually speak from experience and I dont mean "my buddy had them and we drove around the block, they're shitty". OP I think you should read all the reviews and then make a decision, a lot will depend on the intended use of your vehicle.
id rather not be like that one guy who used to be on here, with ebay coils that wrecked his car when one gave out going speedlimit around a curve.

reviews are based off people who have never had a decent suspension or their shocks were going out so getting ANYTHING is better than what they had. I've had d2s for years now and they handle great, they do what i need them to do, but there are many more reasons why i would go to pss9s or brand name coils
A lawyer opens the door of his BMW; suddenly a car drives by and rips the door completely off. Police officer
arrives & the lawyer bitterly complains about the damage to his car.
"Officer, I just got the car at BMW Greensboro and look what they're done to my Beemer!!" he whines.
"You makes me sick" officer responds, "So worried about your BMW; but don't even notice your left arm is missing?"
"OMG.." lawyer replies. "Where's my Rolex?"

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