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I've read a lot about brakes and concluded that no one I'd read a post from with some other pad ever said it was better than OE. I've read many 'almost as good as OE with less dusting' and then I stop reading them!

If you drive in the rain and snow, heat and cold, rarely track, but like your car to's a bmw. Hmmm? What kind of brakes should a bmw have? Textar and blanks (I think I got Balo)...after 60K miles on a complete 4 corners (pads and rotors), I only needed to replace my front pads. I'm still here, and I didn't hit those deer that ran in front of me...though I did get rear ended by an Asian woman in a minivan 3 secs. after I stopped!

If you use OE brakes, make sure you remember how close cars are behind you...the brakes might be too good to use in some circumstances!

I'll tap my brake pedal a few times if I see traffic slowing in front of me...since I have a manual, many don't realize that cars can slow without using the I give those behind me a little heads up.

Drive safely folks!
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