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Metal on metal...hmmm could be end links. Very common in the front though, I haven't experienced this noise in the rear.

Rear springs do break, its not uncommon in certain rust prone geographical areas.

Its really easy to pull out the rear spring to inspect.

Loosen lugs

Jack car up/Secure with jackstand.

Pull wheel off

Use your OEM jack, secure, and wedge it in on the RTA, start jacking it (lol) to help you release tension. "This will push down on trailing arm where otherwise, a helper would be required.
Wiggle the spring as you do this, so you know when you have it loose.

Once tension is relieved:

Observe everything make mental note for reassembly, and pull the spring out.

The plastic mounting pads will likely come out with it. Observe which is top and which is bottom.

Keep the jack wedged in there to allow easy reinstallation.

Best of luck.

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