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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
Boehner isn't the problem. It's a fractured GOP without a clear and unifying platform that's their problem. Then again, maybe it's Boehner's fault for not being able to facilitate that cohesion

The GOP, especially in the house, has become a fractious and almost ungovernable rabble, especially the TP element. It's always struck me that the GOP tends to respect and respond less to a gentler hand (Boehner) -- seeing it simply as weakness to be exploited perhaps -- and respond only to a more iron-fisted cudgel, ala, Tom "The Hammer" Delay who could beat their caucus into submission and obedience. Boehner seems incapable of papering over or beating down the yawning chasms in the current GOP.

That all said, if not Boehner, then who for this thankless and perhaps impossible position? The TP hardliners would obviously prefer an iron-fisted ideological hardliner like themselves, but then they would likely only further alienate the broader electorate (refer to 2012 election) and further paint the GOP as an irascible mob of reactionary ideological fanatics hastening their demographic demise.

It seems the GOP mainstream's opportunistic and callous embrace of the far right and Tea Party has become a tiger they tried grasping by the tail but is now feeding on them and they don't know how to let go without getting eaten whole.
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