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Originally Posted by JokerElite View Post
I've been having this problem since a few days after rebuilding the front passenger side brake caliper because I had a "sticky caliper".

Basically, what happens is when braking, when the brake pedal is down about 50% the steering wheel twitches once and there's a kind of thump noise that sounds like it's coming from the front passenger side caliper. It doesn't do that when the pedal is less than 49% down or after 51% down. But when releasing it and passing the 50% mark, it'll twitch again.

Also after the steering wheel twitch and the noise (or when the brake pedal is pressed down more than 50%) the car will slightly pull to the right.

Not sure what could be causing this. I followed caliper rebuild DIYs thoroughly and the process went smoothly. I bled the brakes but could there be more air in the system? Any help would be appreciated.
Agree with jesse. Check this out.

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