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Morning Jeff, I removed the shipping screws last night and the CD/DVD works, everything was working just the way I want it to!! this morning I try to use the Nav (Google Maps) and for some reason the GPS is taking to long to work/connect, so I decided to cancel and close the app. But from there I'm stuck at the Android desktop...nothing works (move left, right, try to open another app), so I turn the D99+ off. Upon turning the device on, I lost volume on Radio mode and my stations as all messed-up. Switched to iPod mode and I have to turn the volume near to max just to hear the songs...what do you think happened??

...after arriving at work and leaving the car off for about 30min, I turn the D99+ on and the volume is back, but the radio stations are still messed-up (not a big deal), will this keep on happening every time an app fail to close?

...I got this pop-up when I try to add an App. I'm buying an SD Card tonight, will any Micro SD work? SD, SDHC?

...and finally (for now ), any suggestions on my setup to optimize the use of this D99+ ?

...web browsing works

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