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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Yes, in the long term, but the particular policies and approaches the GOP, and the Tea Partier faction in particular, are pushing to address it are by far the least responsible and most reckless of all this. The petulent and childish brinksmanship and hostage-taking the GOP/TP have resorted to risk killing the patient (our economy) far before any long term rehabilitation (long-term, well-considered spending and entitlement reform) can take place, which eventually it must. But at least let's make sure we have a recovering and reasonably patient to work on rather than a cold corpse to try to put into long-term rehab therapy.
This is total crap. I love how you people try to characterize the GOP doing anything less than 100% of what Obama wants as holding the country hostage. The GOP people were elected for a reason, and it wasn't to be a rubber stamp for every hair brained libtard wish list item that Obama and Co. and come up with.

Spending the country into oblivion is holding America hostage. Crippling debt is holding America hostage. Refusing to cut spending and continually increasing spending exponentially is holding American hostage.

I swear, it's like watching a bunch of kids stomp their feet if they don't get their way.

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