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The reason for the trip is I am moving to Perth. The options were sell the car, have it transported or drive it, and the latter option was the most appealing.
I wouldn't mind upgrading to something like a 2006 325Ci, but I have only had my car for 2 years and have just finished most of the preventative maintenance on it, and its only done 95000k, so I just don't think I can justify selling it at present.

Definitely don't want to hit a roo - was in Hobart last week and saw the size of some of the roadkill on the freeway to the airport - certainly wouldn't want to hit one of those monsters in an E46!

Will not be driving the Nullarbor at night - that's for sure.

YES - will take lots of pics. Not sure when I will be able to post them as I don't have mobile internet.
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