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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Obviously (to most anyways), I wrote with more than a little irony and rhetorical exaggeration (I did read somewhere that many conservatives have a bit of trouble comprehending ironic humor, being too literal or serious or something), though to touch on some very real points such as: many in the GOP continuing to consider Obama as some alien, usurping "other," and that the GOP has been reduced to basically putting a gun to the head of the U.S. economy and the financial interests of most voters to try to get the fiscal policies they prefer. Interesting that the markets should seem to endorse the essentially Democratic fiscal package to avert the Fiscal Cliff.

That Obama and the Dems didn't roll over so compliantly as in past rounds of fiscal Russian Roulette but stood their ground and reflected the sentiments expressed by the majority of Americans via the last election and in many polls seems to have many of their panties in a bunch -- beyond that very fact that he was soundly re-elected along with increasing numbers of Dems in 2012 in the first place that is.

The meta picture is that recent and current GOP policies and approaches to a wide range of issues, fiscal and monetary included, are in decline as well evidenced by many polls and especially the 2012 elections among many other measures. The internecine warfare that we're now increasingly witnessing in the GOP is but symptomatic of the collapse of the "conservative" consensus, such as there was one, of the past 30 years or so.

Supply-side, trickle-down, coddle the rich economics is quickly becoming discredited not only by such things as the 2007-08 economic collapse but by stagnant of falling wages and wealth for most Americans outside the most rarefied of financial strata, who are the very few who have actually thrived significantly in the past three decades.

Thus, that the GOP approach to our fiscal problems should be so repudiated not only by the 2012 elections, most polls and this recent fiscal package vote ought not to be surprising, even if a bit dismaying to many Republicans, especially the Tea Party faction.
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