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Originally Posted by BB BMW View Post
The "Bush Era Tax Cuts" is not a true name for the cuts. This administration extended the tax cuts, therefore no longer attached to the previous admin.
Same is true for the two wars. When Obama was elected his first term, the tax cuts and wars became his tax cuts and wars.
So you would have bumped the taxes back up in the middle of a recession and abruptly ended a war and left behind an even more unstable region with a major hard-on for killing Americans?

Originally Posted by BB BMW View Post
Who are you libtards going to blame the last four years on now. Try placing the blame where it belongs. It is Obama's now. The economy, the debt, the deficit, the wars, the taxes, tax cuts, unemployment, Benghazi, healthcare, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, etc., etc. MAN-UP.
"Libtards" makes you sound extremely stupid.

Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Bush passes tax cuts. Tax cuts are up for expiration. Under Obama's watch, the tax cuts continue after being voted on by a bipartisan house/senate. Obama refers to them as "bush tax cuts".
Would you have thought it prudent do increase taxes on the entire country during a recession?

Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
The guy takes credit for killing Osama and won't take credit for policies passed under his very eyes.
Boy, does it ruffle your feathers that Obama got him! Doesn't it?!
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