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2000_328CI's post seems to reflect some undiluted 1950's era caricature of capitalism and socialism, one that still seems deeply rooted in GOP ideology as revealed, disconcertingly, in Romney's "47%" remarks. Unfortunately for the GOP/TP, this stale, cliched and self-serving "makers and takers" world view will be slow to be supplanted by some newer conceptualization of America and its citizens that's holds them in much higher esteem.

The 2012 election was a clear endorsement of Obama's and the Democratic approaches and just as clear a repudiation of GOP ideas -- both candidates campaigned very clearly and vigorously on their respective positions. So perhaps many in the GOP/TP will content themselves to retreat sourly and bitterly into their fusty ideologies of the past rather than undertaking a clear-eyed appraisal and reassessment of those policies to perhaps come up with newer more effective ones that a majority of American might one day find appealing. Some in the GOP are trying to dismiss 2012 as simply some packaging and presentation problem to avoid a deeper think, but I think this would be very wrong, the problems are much more than poor advertising or something.

I'm not suggesting replicating Democrat-lite, but new, unique GOP policies and thinking far more in tune with the 21st century than the 19th. The only other option really then would be to consign themselves to being some curmudgeonly minority party of sneering old white men grousing at modern America and its peoples around them.
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