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Never seen or heard of this before. Electrical problem?

I'm sitting in my office when my wife comes back from an appointment and tells me it looks like my brake lights are on but she couldn't really tell because the light from the sun was on them. So I go outside and look and sure enough all 3 brake lights are light up.

I walk to my driver door and notice that almost all the warning lights on my cluster are on, dsc light, brake light, light out warnings for the brake lights, check engine light etc (don't remember if all of them but it seemed like it as I was freaking out).

So I push the door open button on my key and nothing. Push it again, nothing. I manually unlock the door get in and see all these lights still on. So I put the key in, turn it and the car barely cranks to life.

A moment later the DSC light goes off as do the other lights. The light that says brake stays on for a moment then goes off as does the brake light out warning and she tells me the lights then went off.

I have not driven my car since yesterday and have walked passed it several times today and they were never on. She was gone for about 2 hours and when she left they were not on so this happened just recently.

Anyone ever see anything like this before? To me it sounds like a short or something, but to cause them to all go on like that seems really odd.
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