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Originally Posted by BB BMW View Post
It's still unpopular. Learn to read.

Actually is was derived from the old term Clintoncare which became Hiliarycare then to Romneycare and on to Obamacare now it's Idontcare.

Are you still 12?
The demonizing of the "Obamacare" moniker is reflective more of GOP propaganda success than actual GOP policy success or alternatives. When polled on the individual elements that actually comprise "Obamacare" policies and programs, it is very popular in general, representing a convincing Dem policy success, if not a propaganda one.

Do recall that "Obamacare" is essentially a cribbed and rebranded GOP health care solution. If anything, they ought to be pissed over intellectual property infringement by Obama rather than at the program itself, which is basically their own.

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