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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
The demonizing of the "Obamacare" moniker is reflective more of GOP propaganda success than actual GOP policy success or alternatives. When polled on the individual elements that actually comprise "Obamacare" policies and programs, it is very popular in general, representing a convincing Dem policy success, if not a propaganda one.

Do recall that "Obamacare" is essentially a cribbed and rebranded GOP health care solution. If anything, they ought to be pissed over intellectual property infringement by Obama rather than at the program itself, which is basically their own.
The bill has popular portions to it, I agree, even parts I like, but the overall bill is bad. Most people, including me, do not know what is actually in the bill overall. Not even congress read the bill before voting. The true nature of the bill will not be relized for years. There is so much pok and BS stuck in the bill that takes away from the intent of the good. The bill was for a good cause that was bastardized by implamenting the wastefull spending pork. If it is so good, why are so many groups requesting exemptions. First of all Congress and unions. The majority of states are opting out of the Medicare pool, leaving it up to the feds to set up and pay for. More spending.

Remember we had to pass it before we would find out what was in it.
That in itself should have raised RED FLAGS.

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