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wish it were so easy

Originally Posted by taibinhvuong View Post
Fuse #43(5A) is on-board diagnose II, if the fuse has black stuff or burnt mark on it, it means the circuit has excessive current or the fuse just deteriorates to the point that limited the current to the on board diagnose II, thus caused the malfunction that you have, just replace the fuse and eliminate the cause is the easiest thing to do.
I don't think so. That he gets a difference with the fuse pulled indicates that the fuse is not blown.
And replacing a blown fuse, if that were the case, will 95% solve nothing. Fuse is symptomatic of a problem, not the problem typically.
Have to find out what blew or fatigued the fuse for the cure. Sounds like OP has a problem with one of the devices that the fuse feeds.
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