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Originally Posted by tomoyer View Post
Believe you stated that you replaced the coolant tank and hoses. As silly as this seems, are you 100% sure that you seated both parts of the upper radiator hose completely to the new tank? Did you replace the tank mount at same time you replaced the tank (usually a good idea to replace both as a unit)? Recently I used a JL coolant tank for replacement and it had a hairline crack in it where the smaller hose (overflow) of the upper radiator hose went on. Had to replace the tank again (tank was under warranty), but I opted to pay the few dollars more to use a BMW original tank, no problem after doing that. Also make sure you seated all hoses correctly, you can use some light grease or dishwashing detergent and water as a lube on the plastic fittings to help push them on all the way without hurting anything.
I haven't replaced the expansion tank and hoses yet that is what I'm going to do. Thanks for the info, I should probably order OEM as well.

How crucial is it to replace the tank mount? I didn't think it would be worrysome if it wasn't broken. Thanks for the help.

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