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Update from owner:

Today marks the sad 14th day period since the 330 was stolen from my
property. I think that's it! She is gone.... probably found on the street
sometime or so I'm guessing as I think it's been used as a luxury summer
break ride for some grub.

Here's a message you might want to post for the members:

Don't leave your keys unsecured in your home. The grubs know they can't get
your car because of the great security, unless they have a key, so they
steal it from inside. The thieves who stole my car, came back 4 days later
to get my car as it wasn't in the garage at the time of the key theft. This
is very unsettling as it appears they have been watching my activities
around the home or at least taken an opportunity to steal the key then come
back later for the car.

It is only a car...... but...... it was precious to me as it represented who
I am as well as 20 years of hard work and savings. Plus I'll probably never
buy better value than I did with this car.

Thank you for posting the loss on the forums etc. We believe the car is
still in use around the Northern suburbs of Kedron and Chermside plus it was
used towards Logan.... what a surprise! etoll records.
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