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Originally Posted by JokerElite View Post
Someone on another forum suggested it's not the FCABS and explained why. The car drives straight over uneven roads. The only time it pulls is when I'm braking, and when the pedal is past 50% down. I highly doubt it's the FCABS.

Since I just rebuilt the caliper it's probably something with that brake. But I don't know what exactly.
If you ignore FCABs and other steering alignment issues then you are looking at unequal traction between pads and disc on both each side ie: the right caliper is gripping or engaging before the left one. Since that is the caliper you have replaced it is likely that the new caliper is acting more efficiently than the old one on the opposite side. This is why you should really replace both sides when you replace either pads, discs or calipers. Other possibilities? Air in left caliper pipe? Contaminated pads on left affecting traction? Uneven pad thickness on either side? You should bleed the system again for sure. Both sides not just the passenger side. Open both bleed screws at the same time. But sounds to me like you need to take a look at the efficiency of the remaining caliper with view to replacing that one as well.

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