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Originally Posted by Snik View Post
How the hell did he just drop $20 just like that. Wtf?
I have worked for dealers off an on for the past 25 years. Right now I work for a lender that works with dealers... But that really has nothing to do with the pricing except that I KNOW the parts guys ALWAYS hits you at the highest price.

I had the part number written down on a piece of paper with $52.87 below that. I told him that Tischer would honor that price but I didn't want to burn the gas (40+ miles away in traffic) or pay for shipping so I thought I would try him.

I could have had it delvered for free and even cheaper if I wanted to wait. I know so many dealers that I could have called from one and just asked them to deliver the part to that dealer... COD. I could have left the money and picked the part up later. But I wanted it right then.

Now I need to go out and get "Wiper Arm Element - Part # 61618226059" from one of the local BMW dealers so I can get my other wiper on today. Either that or I'll need to order it and overnight it.

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