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Originally Posted by jwbeck17 View Post
I had a connectivity problem with secured networks, not an Internet problem, but my trick may be worth a try. I had to reset the password on my wifi hotspot and it seemed to work.

Also, of you get a connection but no Internet, you should check the source to make sure that it allows for Internet access on the IP that your Dynavin is using. Probably checked that, but it's worth asking.

Also turn the wifi off and on in Android

Unplug the dongle and plug it back in

Test the dongle on a laptop

Just throwing out some ideas to help!
Can i control the ip that my dynavin is using though?
I've tried the dongle on my computer, and it seem to work BUT, the speed is terrible compared to the built in wifi... look under :p


Built in wifi:

Any ideas? still cant get any respond from secured networks...

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