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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
They're clearly playing word games. I would just stick to the big vendors like bmaparts or oembimmerparts to be safe. Textar is the OEM for the pads on our particular pads although Jurid, Pagid, ATE are for BMWs in general. I'm not certain about TRW but eBay can play many tricks just to make a sale. It's just a dude in his apartment selling crap.
Thanks for your advice. I realize that there are many many "OE Fitment" brake pads out there, I have been through about 3 sets and have never actually owned and OEM set of rotors and pads on this car.

When I drove my buddy's X3 or 740 or when I drove new/used BMW's on a car lot, they all had that same distinct feel which is undoubtedly OEM BMW pad/rotor compounds.

*Mango, are you saying that textar is the only BMW OEM compound? Or are the others you listed the same formula as well?

*Any words on TRW and Lucas in specific?

*Lastly, the sales rep at a local shop "Bimmers R Us" claims that BMW OEM Factory rotors are a softer compound as well as BMW OEM Factory pads, and that is what gives BMW braking that specific feel. I have not confirmed this claim and have brought it up here on the forums before. Any words on this claim?

Thanks bros!

"Brakes Stop The Wheels, Tires Stop The Car"
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