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Originally Posted by Gary@Tirerack View Post
Moral of the story : It is best to ask what you were really looking to find out on the first post.

I've had one or more vehicles sitting for 3-4 months during the winter for over a decade now and have had some that needed a few dozen miles to smooth out and some that were fine right out of the gate. No insult to the folks that put their vehicles up on jack stands of course...its just not worth the effort for me vs driving the (possible) vibe for an hour.
Thanks Gary - Thanks for the tip - I agree w/you. Appreciate the response as well. A guy from TireRack - does it get any better than that?! .

I've never owned an "extra" vehicle that I could let sit like this so I never delt w/the "flatspot" issue before. I was under the impression that once it was there it would not go away. Your post cleared this up - thanks.
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