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2004 325XI Power Steering Pump Noise Advice Please

Hi all, new member/poster here, thanks in advance for your help!

I have a 2004 325XI Sedan with just over 100K miles on it. The other morning, my power steering pump starting screaming at me like a grizzly bear whenever I turned the wheel (not just lock to lock, but anytime the wheel is moved). The sounds change in loudness and pitch the more you turn the wheel. Here's what is weird... I STILL HAVE POWER STEERING. IT IS NOT HARD TO TURN THE WHEEL. So I believe that my pump is working. Maybe on it's last leg?

I then:
checked fluid - it had enough but it was dark brown, not red (reservoir exterior is dirty, like some of the brown fluid was pushed out of the hole in the cap. Maybe back pressure from a clogged hose?) I added new fluid, ran the car, and siphoned/added fluid 3 times. Didn't seem to help the loud noise or color of fluid.
Checked hoses - noticed no leaks
Pulled airbox - moved the pully on the PSP to see if it slid in and out. Seems to be secure.

My questions are:
Does my car have the LUK 20 or 30?
Is it possible that I have a blockage in a hose and my pump is just starving for fluid?
If the above question is answered yes, would it be a good idea to pull the system, clear the hoses, pump, and reservoir filter, then re-assemble?
If I do end up changing the pump, is there anything "special" about doing it on the XI with steptronic transmission?

Thanks again, any advice will be much appreciated!


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