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Originally Posted by BB BMW View Post
and...and...and Harry Reid has not brought a budget to the senate floor in 3 years. The house GOP and Obama both presented one.

Usually there is so much pork crap in a bill that you don't hear about that makes it a bad bill. Not that there is not some good in them, but to much pork.

Just saying that it is not brought up for a vote does not mean that the GOP does not support the intent of the bill. Geeeez

Do you really think Repubs hate women, children, hispanics, blacks, the poor, etc.?

Violence Against Women Act, what about just plain 'ole Violence?
We have crime, we have hate crimes, etc.
Do you punish someone more for violence against a woman? What about violence against children or violence against the elderly, or handicapped, etc, etc, etc.
I am sure there are some excellent reasons why it was not approved.
Just like the initial draft of the Hurricane Sandy relief.
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