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Super helpful, thanks a ton guys. I might try the FSD's. As I drive everyday and still have that inner drive to rip around the corner. I got my eye on an Audi S5 so we'll see

Thanks guys! Im gonna try the FSD's, now another dumb question, will I have to or should I replace the springs?

Originally Posted by ryannel2003 View Post
I just installed those Bilstein's on my 323i and I love them. I'll point out a few things about them:

*You can configure that combo cheaper elsewhere online. I paid $320 for the shocks/struts and another $160 for the associated mounts, gaskets, etc. In total it came out to $480.
*The ride is a bit firmer than the stock suspension, but not incredibly so. My old suspension had 153k miles and it rode like crap. The car rides great now and going over bumps doesn't emit any noise in the cabin other than tire noise.
*The handling is much improved. Cornering is more controlled and the body roll is much better than before.
*According to the Bilstein website, the Touring suspension isn't designed for lowering springs. Installing lowering springs on the car will cause the struts to wear quicker and the warranty won't cover that. I have stock non-sport springs installed on mine and it's fine. It did raise the height of the car a few millimeters if that means anything to you. It doesn't bother me.

Overall I'm very happy with the suspension and I would buy it again. However if I did want to go lower than I would buy the Koni's as they are designed for lowering springs from the get-go.
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