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Jan 4th 2013 UPDATE: So far the files I have managed to email are working on the receiving end. If you are using hotmail or gmail expect to have issues with the exe file being sent to you as you may have to modify your firewall or email's virus blocker to permit the exe file to be uploaded to your computer.

However Richard has told me that there exist a newer update file to the one I have even though the files I am emailing are 100% functional and pretty much up to date in terms of getting the most out of your Intravee 2 in your BMW. read below.

Richard Parkinson


to me, dirtbikejunkie., BrehmMartin

The firmware Olaf attached should be OK, but it's not the most recent.
You'll need the downloader program to update the Intravee firmware too.
I've added both to my
mailing list so you'll both be kept informed.

I will try to obtain the latest version of this firmware as best and quickly as I could. Richard has also said there is a webforum where the newer firmware update files are temporarily being hosted for upload. Read below.

Thank you all for responding to the news of Simon death, I'm now in contact with Simon's brother and will try to pass on all your kind comments to the family. I don't think they had any idea of the high regard Simon had with respect to the Intravee and in the internet community in general. There is as yet no date set for the funeral; I believe it is likely to be sometime the week beginning 10th December.

I have leant that Simon died of a massive heart attack that must have killed him almost instantly. Simon was not married but leaves his mother and brother. He was in his late 40's.

After some serious digging around in my backups and archives, the future of the Intravee firmware development and support now looks much more secure. I have managed to recompile the firmware and load it onto my Intravee to confirm that it functions in the same way as the last version that was built on Simons computers.

Leigh at ToysInYourCar has asked me to convey his continued interest in selling the product, that he still has stock and that he has a supply of the Intravee fuses as well as my self.

My next focus will be on trying to organise a web site that can be used for hosting files and providing first line support information, hopefully a forum and support e-mail address too. At this stage I do not know if the Intravee forum information can be saved, this was hosted on Simon's computers which have been turned off. Even with access to the computers I suspect that they will require passwords to access the data. Simon was very security conscious, his brother said it took them several days to access Simon's room as he had a numeric key pad lock on the door! I have some rather old forum backup files, the last being from late 2010, so some of the information may be retrievable from those.

Sending firmware images and the Intravee documentation by e-mail is not sustainable, the documentation files in particular are too large to e-mail in any volume.

Leigh owns the domain name which currently redirects to the Intravee page on the ToysInYourCar web site. This would be the preferred domain name to host a new site.

In the short term Darren and Rob from have agreed to host some files for people to download, you can find the thread at Attached to the thread you will find the latest firmware, V6.02-6941, the downloader program, user guide, supported devices and PXA Supplement documentation. Many thanks to Darren and Rob for their help and support. I'll also use this thread to keep people updated and save some e-mail bandwidth.

There currently appears to be no reason why production of the Intravee hardware should not continue, although no details have even been discussed yet alone finalised. Although I have not yet talked to the factory where they are made, they should have all the components and information required for production. Simon set them up so they would normally have no reason to bother him!

That's all for now, try to keep an eye on the thread for future developments.

One change since this email was sent to me is Toys In Your Cars have ran out of stock of Intravee 2 units and the only place to get them for now seems to be eBay. Toys In Your Cars does seem to have the accessories for the Intravee in stock so all you would need to do is get a unit and the rest of the parts can be obtained on the Toys In Your Cars UK web store.

I have also been getting a lot of mail about Intravee 2 installation and firmware update process. I remember it was complicated but the most important thing before anything can happen is obtaining the DB9 serial to serial (or serial to usb) cable from Radio Shack or elsewhere. If you are using Windows XP then, like I am, then the installation will be a breeze. However if you are using Windows Vista, 7 or 8 then I really cannot help in terms of what those operating systems require and what the limitations would be for connecting to an Intravee2.

This cable will DB9 connect your computer to the Intravee 2 after the Intravee 2 is connected to the car and the rest, if you are using WIndows XP, should be history.


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