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My girlfriend said, "I have no desire to learn about guns. Carry if you want, but it seems pointless."
After many good, long discussions and informing her how a gun (possibly) saved my life, she said, "Wow. Good thing you carry, huh?"
After carrying and explaining her why I carry, how I carry, and my mindset behind it, I asked if she'd like to learn to shoot. "Yeah. Is there a class we can take?"
After convincing her to take the class (taking it in February), it will be, "Do you want the 9mm or the .380?"
The only problem I'm still having is, "There is NO reason for someone to have an AR-15 or a 30-round magazine!"

It's a slow process. Don't be a dick about it, though. And you should have seen this coming when you married the woman, so it's partially your own fault. I personally wouldn't have put myself in that situation and hoped to try to change a woman. That's harder than trying to change yourself. Fortunately for me, my girlfriend just has an open mind and is willing to look at all sides of the argument. I think, though, that once she shoots my pistol for the first time, she'll be hooked.

Serious question: Does she pester you when you go out with the guys? Or do you even get to?
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