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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
I've said it before and I will say it again. Until the majority of Americans feel the pain in their own wallets they will never demand change from those whom they elect to power. The decisions made in Washington have consequences. The American people have been sheltered from those consequences for too long.
This is about the only good thing to come from the raising of taxes...Similiar to that of gas prices raising, forces people into taking action towards alternative energy sources.

Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Just accept the fact that it doesn't matter WHAT happens. There are people on this forum, MSNBC, and all over that will just roll over like pigs in sh*t. During the election, they argued Romney wouldn't look out for the poor and the working class and would simply protect the rich... Obama wins and, under his watch, congress passes legislation that shafts the middle class the hardest and the liberal response is "well we need to do this".

It's worse than hypocrisy.. it's flat out celebrated ignorance. The one who yells nonsense the loudest (chris matthews) gets the tv program.
To your credit, yes Obama lied to the American people. He said no taxes on the middle class and regardless of the circumstances taxes were raised, significantly. For me 2K+. It is even tougher to swallow when there is no spending cuts, hell cut spending and keep my taxes lower. Imagine if he hit the 250K crowd for 40% and hit them with this tax.
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