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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
That or have a friend attack her at night right as she is walking into the house....nothing violent, just shake her up and steal her money....that will change her mind real quick. On a serious note, if she doesn't want to hear it, you are not going to change her mind. Ultimatums don't work with me either.
When I was typing my first response, I included the sentence, "Don't stage a home invasion; there's a risk of her just getting pissed and not seeing the point of it."

I have a feeling his wife is the kind of woman who would press charges against him and his friend. It will probably end badly. OP... see above useful tool if you decide to do the mock home invasion.
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I know I suck as an OT poster, but at least I have Edken to make me look good.

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