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Originally Posted by UDM-E46 Enthusiast View Post
Why the f30 ? Affordable?

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
I would go F30. The maintenance costs and MPG on the E60 M5 is atrocious! But probably BMW's best engine of all time...

Which F30? 328 or 335?
Yeah, I know. The MPG I can deal with, but the hassle of the extended warranty, especially since NAC isn't covering M5's anymore, plus the fact I'd own two SMG cars and that's probably be pushing the odds. It's just not a very practical car either, although it's a damn awesome one. I've been researching it a lot and some of the repair costs are insane. Extended warranty is pretty much mandatory (and pretty damn expensive).

I'm keeping the M3 so I'm thinking the 328. I'm going to drive both next weekend and see which one tickles me more and if the 335 is worth the premium. It'll be a 6 speed either way.

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