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I'll just confirm that OE for my '99 328i is textar. I bought both textar online and when they didn't fit, bought pads from local dealer. Identical. Turned out my caliper had seized.

I used balo blank rotors...ATE makes the caliper, but I don't know who's OE for rotors...but heard that many of the 'known' name blanks are fine...balo, zimmerman, etc.

Oh, I'd heard that BMW had to have 3 vendors for a product...just as any manufacturer might...and that textar, pagid, and I believe minox (sp?) are all housed in the same building, using the same compound. I have no evidence if that's true or not...but the compound is a large part of the brake pad story...not the entire story, but a big part of it.

Anyway, promise you that textar was my OE pad maker...and my last set of pads went 60K miles in the front...the rears are still on.

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