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Originally Posted by Sentaruu View Post
yea, my fiance hated guns when we got together. a lot if it is just fear because she really is unfamiliar with guns. i have had a few talks with her about how guns work and why i have them. i actually started leaving some of my rifles in plain view in our bedroom (right in front of the tv) so that she's grown used to seeing them every day. she is a lot more comfortable around them now and even asks questions from time to time about them. shes still pretty uninterested in shooting for the most part, but shes now comfortable with them at least.
My wife was pretty funny...

She loved the idea of a Ruger 10/22 for her, but got a little upset I bought a "dangerous gun" in my AR-15.

...15 minutes of explaining fixed the "dangerous" part, but two weeks has still not fixed the "doghouse" I am in for the "$500" I spent on the AR-15.
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