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Neep Help! Dynavin, Amps, Alternator Whine, and Bluetooth Issues

A couple of months ago I installed a Dynavin 99+ in my 03 M3 vert with HK. And over the Christmas Holidays I installed all new speakers, sub, and amp as well. I went with:

Boston Acoustics Pro60's up front.
JL 8w7 in the ski pass.
Alpine PDX-V9 (100x4 and 500x1)

I do want to thank this forum for all the useful DIY's on here because it really helped out. The components did not sound that good originally, but after making baffles and cutting holes in the doors they sound amazing.

But here is where I am running into issues now. First off, when I installed the sub, I had to turn the gain all the way up to get some decent volume out of it. I know the preamp output on the Dynavin is pretty low, so I went ahead and ordered a AudioControl EQS which is a line driver (which is supposed to amplify up to 13v peak) and has EQ controls.

Some of you are familar with AudioControl products, and when I installed it, I followed the instructions and turned the gain all the way down on my Alpine amp. I then turned up the volume to 3/4, played some "dynamic music", but even with the gain all the way up on the EQS, the "overload" light never came on (it is supposed to then you should back it down from there). In fact the 2v led light will only occasionally flicker on the front channels I'm assuming the output voltage on the Dynavin must be extremely weak.

I was able to set the gain to where it was an acceptable volume, and I could turn it up to 55 with no distortion. The problem is, I have engine noise and alternator whine with the car running. I can turn down the gains and almost eliminate the alternator whine, but then I have a $2000 dollar system that is quieter that stock. Currently the amp and EQS is grounded at the battery, so the first thing I am going to do is move the ground and see if it helps. Then I might try running the RCA cables down the center of the car (currently run down the driver's side away from the factory power cable, and it is a Monster 6 to 1 RCA so it is of good quality).

I did also want to mention, when the engine is not running, or the radio is off, I do not get any noise. The system sounds great with no background noise when the key is in the acc or ign postion, but then there is noise as soon as I start the car.

Another reason I posted this before I tried what I mentioned above, is the Bluetooth volume is very low to inaudible on a phone conversation now. I'm assuming it is because I have the gains turned down to reduce the noise (currently set to half way on input on EQS, turned up all the way on the output of the EQS, and all the way down on the AMP). I just wanted to see if there was a setting I need to change on the Dynavin to fix the Bluetooth issue. I did not have a problem when I was running the stock speakers.
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