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First, make sure the AMP setting in the factory settings menu is set to NONE. The amp setting is for integrating with the stock amp, leaving it on will reduce the output at the RCAs A LOT.

you probably have a ground loop somewhere....almost inevitable with with many different components in different parts of the car. you already grounded the stuff in the trunk to the same point but you should do the same with the head unit. Grounding the amp to the battery while the head unit is grounded in the dash is a recipe for a ground loop. Start combining grounds, moving RCAs, etc...see if you find anything. Its tricky using a line driver as you are not just boosting the signal, you are boosting the noise too.

the bluetooth has a separate volume.....when you are in a call, turn it up. ALSO your phone has its own bluetooth volume, make sure its turned up.

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