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Thank for the input Jeff. I actually didn't know about the amp setting until today. I did check it and it is set to none.

I did try turning the volume all the way up on the Dynavin when I was in a call, but I could still barely here. I'll check my phone now to see if that is the case.

Do you recommend running a ground wire from the Dynavin to the battery as well? I used to be a professional installer many years ago, so I have dealt with these issues before, it just seems odd to me for one that the AudiControl EQS lights barely light up, and two, the bluetooth volume is so low (when it wasn't before). I just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything. I am almost tempted to run the high level inputs going into the factory amp and run them to the EQS to see what that gets me, but I'll probably try that last if not of the other solutions work (different grounding points, re routing RCA's)
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