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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
Social Security tax rate of 4.2% was never intended to be permanent. Reinstating it to 6.2% is nothing new. You pretend as if we didn't see this coming. This entire debate reminds me of employees who became comfortable consistently earning overtime. Their lifestyles adjusted to the extra income and then they became dependent on it. During the economic downturn in 2008/2009, they were told they could no longer work extra hours and thus their ability to earn overtime disappeared. Suddenly they found themselves in the red.

Americans got too comfortable with the temporary measure intended to help them that their life style adapted to the extra income. As a result, they became dependent.

It's time to readjust and be responsible. If you don't like paying 6.2%, then demand from your representatives and President a social security system that either costs less or tell them to find the extra money to fund it else where. Whether that's cutting new programs or raising other taxes, so be it.
Brb. Writing a letter as to why I think SS should be fixed or entirely abolished. I feel responsible enough to handle my own retirement and not have the government stick its grimy deceiving fingers in it.
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