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Originally Posted by kook View Post
Just bumping an ongoing issue. I've had a pretty good look under my car after a thorough degreasing/pressure clean and cant visually see any cracks. However, I'm getting numerous things replaced in the rear end in a few weeks, putting in AKG subframe bushings for a start, new OEM rear diff plate cover/bushings, another front CSB bushing with the revised bolt. Obviously this means the whole subframe has to come out. I'm going to get it all inspected then, and ask to be present to see it for myself. This is all being done at a BMW dealer, been there a few times now for services and some other work.
I read on M3 cutters that BMW UK will do the epoxy fix out of good will even if theres no cracks. Should I be hitting them up for the fix even if theres no cracks? Anyone had any luck with that here in Aus?
Haven't done any research on the AKG subframe bushes but I've been told that upgraded bushes in the rear puts more stress on the subframe making it more prone to cracking. Just something to keep in mind.

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