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Really a stunning car. Sure it's got little things that aren't 100% sorted. Who cares it's a S54 in a freaking wagon. It's tail waggin, perma-grin, head turning, ear orgasm, rubber burning awesomeness.

And to reply to some of the haters in previous posts, yes a "Car Dealer" gasp.... went out of his way to get this car and put it on his showroom floor. Why would he do this? Because he gets it, he's a SCCA / NASA Club racer and a true car enthusiast. He's done the One Lap, drove 15 hours at 25 Hour at Thunderhill last month, has a Spec Miata, IT & STU VW's. A lot of his customers are the same sort and that is why his dealerships are successful. That is why I went there.

Yes it is a car that is hard to finance if you are a mediocre dealership, but a dealer that "gets it" finds a way. I financed 70% with average credit.

Beaten on by a rich teenager? Wow- that misnomer is hilarious. I know that kid and he has more mechanical knowledge than the majority on this forum. He sells cars and is by no means rich. He may have driven the wagon but I'm sure he didn't drive it as hard as I have in the last 24 hours.

I'm too old to get into pissing matches on forums but just want to set the record straight. Dang am I happy this is in my garage. The franken-wagon is definitely not for the dude that wants an M3, clearly it's for the dudette that wants a bitchn' wagon for her dogs.

E46 M3 FankenWagon
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