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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
Well specify any details that would make you draw.
I'm not really spelling out any specific situation. I'm just trying to gauge people opinions on what they would do.
So put any details in you want but explain your reasoning for why or why you wouldn't draw in your given situation.
My baseline is just that they are armed.
That sort of post could go on for pages, because there are so many "what ifs". That being said...

Assessment goes as follows.

1). Identify threat. Guy has a knife? Don't act until he makes an attacking move (slash, jab at someone). Gun? Move on through the steps.

2). What's the perp's demeanor? Fairly calm, looks like he wants to just get in and out, no threats to harm/kill? Keep watching for things to escalate, but stay defensive. Agitated, angry, making harm/kill threats, firing warning shots? Get ready to engage if given the opportunity and get offensive to save my own and others' lives.

3). Target foreground and background? Is there anyone between me and the target that could get injured in an exchange of gunfire? Am I likely to hit someone between myself and the perp? How about behind? Is it a wall directly behind the perp or is it a window with a busy intersection and pedestrian and auto traffic? Its important to assess these conditions to create an angle to engage that places others out of the line of fire.

4). If I engage, do I have a tactical advantage? Do I have the high ground, basically? Am I likely to be able to put good shots on target rapidly and without injuring others? Yes? Maybe engage. No, only engage when have a clear cut chance...risking others lives to save another doesn't compute.

There are probably other thoughts that would cross my mind, but those are some basics

Reedo makes good points, but he's viewing things to some extent as a cop. He feels he has a duty (and he may) to deal with these situations at all times. And also, he's probably less likely to face huge criticism or a trial if he screws up royally. The police department and justice department will probably protect him to some degree. We normal citizens have to be a bit more wary of our actions, lest we be seen as vigilantes and wanna-be heroes. We are far more likely to face a jury if we screw up than a on or off duty cop.

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