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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
I couldn't stop laughing the whole time as I watched the interview. God, why do they allow such dense people to report news? And I don't understand how she is supposed to have an opinion on this? She's a reporter and a newscaster; her job is to report the man's opinion, not argue against it. It's unbelievable what they're getting away with
Im sorry, are you not aware of the current new climate? It is no longer "news." It is hey, here is our opinion about something that happened...we dont actually report what happened accurately, but we have opinions anyway. The sad part is, most of the american public actually believes this is "news." BTW, that includes the right. I like Oreilly, but he's as dense as the rest of them sometimes, and this case is no exception. He barks the words "assault weapon", "semiautomatic" etc nonstop as well.

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