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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Reedo makes good points, but he's viewing things to some extent as a cop. He feels he has a duty (and he may) to deal with these situations at all times. And also, he's probably less likely to face huge criticism or a trial if he screws up royally. The police department and justice department will probably protect him to some degree. We normal citizens have to be a bit more wary of our actions, lest we be seen as vigilantes and wanna-be heroes. We are far more likely to face a jury if we screw up than a on or off duty cop.
How I operate will definitely be viewed differently than how it will if it was done by a normal citizen. This is the way things are, and unfortunately it is a separate standard. How I decide to act is more based on how I would act on duty.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
My only issue with yelling "police" (for you obviously) is that the perp probably has his gun pointed at the clerk with their finger on the trigger...and you yelling police all of the sudden might startle them into pulling the trigger (by accident, but still)...
The guy that did it, literally pulled the trigger as soon as he completed saying the word. ME- I'd identify myself only if I deemed it necessary. I would definitely agree that not saying anything is probably a safer option.
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