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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
very good chance the bluetooth volume in your phone is turned down......OR are you only plugged into the rear RCA outputs???? Bluetooth comes out of the front primarily if I recall.....

The Dynavins voltage output is not all that high, I have not measured it but I would guess its in the .5 volt range, same as most basic CD players. In my own personal car Im using a JBL MS8 and the dynavin's output is enough for the MS8 to do its "auto EQ self correcting input" thing and stay noise free. .5 volt was kind of standard for many years before all the current "hi-volt" stuff came out. That leads me to believe you have something else going on. Running a ground from the dynavin to the battery might do it, you have your trunk components grounded direct to the battery (as good as it gets) while the head unit has to ground through the wire harness and the car body. Pretty much the exact definition of a ground loop.... I also recall someone saying on this forum that grounding to the battery in an E46 was a bad idea....but I dont recall why....

If none of your troubleshooting gets to the bottom of this then yes, you could use the high level outputs....but dont run it through the amp first, just run the outputs right to the EQS.
Where did you ground the amplifiers?There is an audio ground lug in the trunk left side above and forward of the original amplifiers location. Use it.

Never ground any audio gear to the battery's ground lug as your gear will pick up all the electrical "noise" !
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