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I have a 99 323i with a rebuilt GM trans ($4000) installed by local indy (no local dealer) about 50k ago. It had been ok until a recent trip. I was about 500 miles from home and parked on uphill incline with with the engine running while I checked out of a hotel. When I departed onto the street I noticed it was slipping so I turned off into the first available lot. By then it wasn't slipping anymore.I did a quick visual and did see fluid dripping under the car or smell anything (what else can you check?) If I had been near home I would have had it towed in but since I was 500 miles from home, it was Sunday and I had my daughter with me I started driving again, all seemed normal. Then it happened again, about a month and 2500 miles later. This time, in front of my house, again the car had sat idling for a few minutes, this time with one side up on the sidewalk and the other wheels on the street, so about 6" out of level. Again it started slipping when I took off. So straight back into the garage and parked. Drained the fluid, about 6 qts. and it looked clean. When I dropped the pan the filter came down with it, I didn't have to pull it off the tranny. Could that be the problem? I plan to finish the service and see what happens.
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