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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
very good chance the bluetooth volume in your phone is turned down......OR are you only plugged into the rear RCA outputs???? Bluetooth comes out of the front primarily if I recall.....
Well that is probably my issue then. I am using a 5 channel amp, but all I have is components and a sub. I am using the front channels for the tweeters and the rear channel for the mid bass woofer. I'll try swapping the RCA's to see if that makes a difference (probably be better for the bluetooth audio to come out of the mid bass driver than the tweeter).

Originally Posted by markusmarkus View Post
Where did you ground the amplifiers?There is an audio ground lug in the trunk left side above and forward of the original amplifiers location. Use it.

Never ground any audio gear to the battery's ground lug as your gear will pick up all the electrical "noise" !
Unfortunately in a vert the amp ground location is not in the trunk, but it is underneath the rear driver's side panel, so it is too far away. I will try moving the ground though to see if it helps. Anyone else with a vert using a common location in the trunk?
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