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Originally Posted by MikeS123 View Post
Well that is probably my issue then. I am using a 5 channel amp, but all I have is components and a sub. I am using the front channels for the tweeters and the rear channel for the mid bass woofer. I'll try swapping the RCA's to see if that makes a difference (probably be better for the bluetooth audio to come out of the mid bass driver than the tweeter).
????? well you have me the setup you have you only really need to use the dynavin's 2 front channels, splitting everything else up downstream at the has a 3 way crossover built in right?

Edit: after reviewing the EQS manual:

Ground loop noise and a balanced/unbalanced signal jumpers are mentioned on page 7. Ground location and ground loops are mentioned as well.

The "auto mode" mentioned on page 5 could be causing you bluetooth issues as well since it automatically decides where the audio is coming from and going to. Some trial and error will be required here to get it all working the way you want.

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