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The wheel diameter should always a consideration. Seems 19"+ wheels are subject to bending if not mega-quality $$. We have terrible roads due to frost and winter madness. Potholes appear everywhere in the spring. A larger sidewall acts as a cushion to absorb sharp impact before the wheel tweaks. Super low profile tires are more expensive and designed to have less "roll" tearing around corners. That would not be a feature I realistically use as a daily driver.

So, if it's all about the looks, run whatever you like but if you're going big, spend the bucks for premium wheels. I pound the death out of my 17" Beyren mesh wheels with 225's on 'em. Nice for a $70 wheel. We're talking under a grand new, all around, with Toyo sport tires. I cringe seeing guys spending 3 grand for stupid wheels and tires. They don't look that great!
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