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Originally Posted by White_Knuckles View Post
There's many dustless pads to pick from. One concern is some of them have poor cold performance. Meaning, unless the pads are warmed up, they have bad grip requiring more pedal pressure etc. Some owners may not care about cold fade like the track crowd who know this and warm them braking before hitting the course. They want no fade when hot and often swap between street and track pads per event. Dustless street pads including ceramics may have this cold fade property and you may not like it.

Running stock composition pads will produce dust but it's certainly manageable. When dust is fused to the wheel requiring solvents and elbow grease to remove, we're talking a neglected car. Normal build-up basically washes off every couple weeks with a hose and a little wiping. I have a sponge stick with a micro-fiber material wrapped around it that when jabbed around the spokes can zoom through a wheel in 30 seconds rinsing shiny clean. That's every two weeks or so.

The stock pad design will yield the best braking feel and pedal feedback in all conditions. There are dustless flavors that come close. I think with all the suppliers out there, that BMW would have changed over if something had equal to or better performance with less dust? So far they haven't.
I found the metal masters to be a happy medium. I haven't ever felt any problems with them in the cold. They've seen temperatures of -30 and still didn't have a problem.

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