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Yeah, both are going to be replaced. I just went for a short drive somewhere and noticed something. Replacing the FCABs will fix the pulling possibly. But there's still that steering wheel twitch when the brake pedal is at 50%. When braking usually it happens twice, because you press the pedal past that amount and then release it past that amount. When I was driving and braked to stop, it twitched once at the 50% mark. Then when I was at a complete stop I released the pedal and it twitched again, this can't be the FCABs right? Because the car isn't moving? And it can't be the other caliper being a little more worn either for the same reason.

I'm not sure what's causing this thump. It feels like it's the piston some how on the side I rebuilt. It seems like it when you press the brake it can go smoothly from 1%-50%. But after you press it 50% down, maybe the piston just comes out to 100%.

By the way, the pulling doesn't happen until the thump does. I could be driving at a faster speed and brake before the pedal is 50% down and come to a stop with no pulling at all or thumping. It's kind of difficult to explain.

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