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Originally Posted by JokerElite View Post
Yeah, both are going to be replaced. I just went for a short drive somewhere and noticed something. Replacing the FCABs will fix the pulling possibly. But there's still that steering wheel twitch when the brake pedal is at 50%. When braking usually it happens twice, because you press the pedal past that amount and then release it past that amount. When I was driving and braked to stop, it twitched once at the 50% mark. Then when I was at a complete stop I released the pedal and it twitched again, this can't be the FCABs right? Because the car isn't moving? And it can't be the other caliper being a little more worn either for the same reason.

I'm not sure what's causing this thump. It feels like it's the piston some how on the side I rebuilt. It seems like it when you press the brake it can go smoothly from 1%-50%. But after you press it 50% down, maybe the piston just comes out to 100%.

By the way, the pulling doesn't happen until the thump does. I could be driving at a faster speed and brake before the pedal is 50% down and come to a stop with no pulling at all or thumping. It's kind of difficult to explain.
Its a process man. Fix the FCABS first and then see what happens after that. But one thing is for sure. While your steering is flopping around like that you can't really diagnose whether your braking is uniform or not. One step at a time. Try to understand that at this point in time you do not have any FCABS. They have gone. So ANYTHING that the sterring does is largely unpredicatable because its structure is incomplete. At the moment you are puttting loads and strain on all components that they were not designed to take. Even the the three bolts that are holding your struts in place against teh body and the metal surrounding them at the top of the strut towers which can fatique and fracture. That would write off teh car.

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