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Originally Posted by iwannagofast View Post
Would it be wise to not have any mods on my ccw? Say I do have to discharge my weapon and I drop a threat... will I have prosicutors coming after me saying ive been moding my gun with the intent to kill because of a ghost trigger or what not?
As long as your gun or the modifications are prohibited by state law, you'll be fine. Despite what people try to espouse, modifications do not give a gun any more mystical death power over a stock handgun. A good shoot is a good shoot is a good shoot.
That said, expect that if you shoot, there is a 98% of a lawsuit being filed. A grand jury or judge will then have to decide if there is No Bill, or True Bill (no reason to allow it to proceed, or a go-ahead to proceed to court).

Now, it should be said that if you shoot the wrong person or you do something jacked up and cause the weapon to do something it's not supposed to like go full-auto, it can come up as a problem.

Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
I hope with with all my faith that a jury would side in my favor if I shot and killed an armed criminal that is pointing a gun at a victim. In my opinion,that is as clear as it gets, when a bad guy pulls gun and takes aim at a human-he immediately becomes a justified target. I hope I am not wrong. If it is a knife and there is a counter between the victim like a gas station or store I would be very hesitant to act.
I wonder what life is like for people that have done that. I would fear retaliation from family or thug friends of the crim for the rest of my life.
I wouldn't fear the thug friends or family. Generally speaking, they're all cowards. Once they know you're dangerous, they'll avoid you. Even with all the threats that George Zimmerman has gotten from the New Black Panther Party domestic terrorists, not a single one of them or their followers has made an attempt on George Zimmerman.

But then and again, if you can't stand the heat, don't fight the fire in the first place. There will always be possibilities that you will have to encounter, but if people see that you're not afraid and won't back down, they won't push the matter. Thugs are opportunists, not criminal masterminds. They won't do anything that is too hard or too dangerous.
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